The Frankham Group has proudly been a supporter of the Chandran Foundation for many years. The Foundation has continued to carry out sterling work by supporting our inner-city children that come from such diverse backgrounds. Whether it’s breakfast before school or help with additional education; this support is paramount to ensure that our kids grow up having a future and education, which will keep them safe; providing them with a great chance to find successful employment and feel they have a purpose in our society. These kids are our future - we can’t let them down, we at Frankham are therefore committed to help the Foundation make a difference.


Steve Frankham MBE - Chairman of Frankham Consultancy Group


“U+I have been supporting the work of the charity for many years and are delighted to continue to do so with the Homework Clubs Captain is providing all over the Capital. It is critical that those involved in regeneration take responsability for the huge socio economic issues that will surround the dramatic change in the skyline of the Capital over the next 10 years. Chandran Foundation is delivering some vital support at the cutting edge of this regeneration and we congratulate Captain and his team wholeheartedly.”


Richard Upton - Deputy CEO, U+I

Children are starting school with the right attitude at the right time, without worrying about their bellies! The effect has been very positive with regards to attendance and as an additional measure for children who need additional interventions and support."



Lucy Peake - Head of School, Herbert Morrison Primary School

"We have had a weekly GetSmart club at the school since April 2017. The children are enthusiastic and are developing a good attitude to their learning. Most importantly their progress has accelerated. The tutors provided by the Chandran Family Foundation are knowledgeable, reliable and excellent role models for the children. Before they start they discuss the individual needs with our class teachers to ensure their work is progressive to the pupils needs. The teachers are happy to have the support, the children love the sessions and it is a pleasure to work with the Chandran Foundation for their ease of organisation and focus on pupil outcome.”

"The Breakfast Club provided by the Chandran Family Foundation benefits many of our most needy children -especially those whose attendance would otherwise be affected. For low income families it is also a great way of ensuring their children have a healthy breakfast before school. We offer children the opportunity to read and practise their musical instrument at this time also.

Paul Millan.png


I have been a great supporter of Captain Chandran and the Chandran Foundation for many years and admire the work and dedication that is put into this fantastic cause. The youth of today are tomorrows leaders, but not all children are brought up in the idyllic surroundings both in life and education. With the help of the Chandran Foundation and the clubs they run, those young people can achieve their dreams and goals, and not be cast to one side and forgotten.


Now that Captain Chandran has taken a back seat, the Foundation could not be in better hands with Chitra Selby.  I have known Chitra for many years and just like her father, she has the determination and passion to move this wonderful cause to a grander stage. I wish the Foundation continued success and offer my support for the coming years.


“We are once again delighted to be supporting Captain Chandran and his team at Chandran Foundation. Their dedication and sheer hard work continues to provide invaluable opportunities for London's youth.Their ambitious new free GetSmart Club initiative is completely typical of continued determination to help all our young people make the best of themselves. We wish them every continued success and congratulations on  another great year.”




Paul Millan - Managing Director of Nobles Solicitors

David Miles - CEO Mears Group PLC


" Some of our Year 4 and 5 children have been taking part in Get Smart after-school tuition for a term now and are making great progress. The tutors are professional and friendly and quickly formed good relationships with the pupils, meaning they really look forward to the sessions each week. The small group approach has helped their confidence to develop and we are finding that they are more confident to try things in class and answer questions."



Rebecca Dwyer - Deputy Head, Ashmole Primary School

"Not every child has opportunities outside of the school day to further their learning. The after-school sessions provide a safe and stimulating environment for children to develop both educationally and socially. The tutors are able to give small group and even one to one support for children allowing them the personal attention they deserve and need. All the children enjoy the sessions and have grown in confidence."

Ian Greeves - Head of  Year 5, Head of Mathematics, Wood End Academy