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“By far the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done; being a tutor at the Chandran Foundation has allowed me to develop my professional skills and contribute to something great. There is no better way to spend one hour a week than to teach children who are eager to learn, and willing to share their ideas and dreams with you.”


Francis, English Graduate, University of Oxford

Our Tutors
Our tutors are recruited from top universities across London and the UK.
We select tutors that go beyond supporting the children academically; they also offer leadership and guidance, acting as a positive role model to the children they teach.
Our tutors have a real impact on the lives of the children we support.

“I believe that everyone, no matter their background or identity, is equally and vitally valuable. As I tutor, my purpose is to assist children so that they can realise their capabilities and flourish. With a lot of help, I have managed to achieve my educational dream––becoming a doctoral student––and wish to carry that message of hope to others.”


Nadira, Doctoral Student, Royal Holloway

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