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Counteracting a Crisis


The pandemic has made a difficult situation even more challenging for the young people we work with.

We are expanding our work to reach more children, helping young people catch up on the work they have missed.




The GetSmarter Club provides after-school tuition to pupils, free of charge to parents.


The schools help identify which children would benefit most from additional support. Each session is led by two trained tutors who work with groups of up to ten children. The focus is on improving attainment in English and Maths. 


In response to the Covid-19 crisis, we took an early decision to develop a new online tuition offer. This included an intensive online learning programme over the summer holidays, helping forty year five students catch up on missed lessons. We've also supported children across 10 schools in London throughout the national lockdown and in their transition back into school.


Online tuition today is a fast-growing part of our work and has been enthusiastically embraced by teachers and families.


We have developed the GetConfident Club for young people of primary school age. Tutors help children to develop skills in public speaking and debating – this is especially useful for children who struggle to contribute in class. 


Helping young people to improve their communication skills is key to building self-confidence and aiding further academic achievement.


Our GetFed clubs provide free nutritious breakfasts for children at the start of the school day. These are aimed at children who, because they arrive at school hungry, are unable to concentrate in class.


The coronavirus crisis has shown how many low-income families struggle to afford the costs of food for their children.


In response to a massive upsurge in demand, we expanded to offer free meals for children in need throughout the Christmas period and the ongoing health crisis.

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